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Number II !!

Waiting for him to wake…

Look around, this beautiful place.

Can’t you see, the wonders hidden beneath?

Can’t you feel the love, that falls within?

gentle kisses, that brushes thee?

But alas!

There is not enough left in man

even to know

that whence he came

is where he shall be

And not in some distant land he fetches

or in the lap of the sky, to which,

he reaches out in greed.

But right here, his mother lies,

waiting, for him to wake.

Here goes my first one!

When Heaven was snatched away from me…

Why do men want to reach the skies,

why do they reach out above,

why do they want more,

when they have heaven here in the globe.

why, i wonder, would you want to leave,

why would one want to flee,

why indeed;

your eyes can’t see,

the paradise he has given thee.

It is not the bird’s call, nay,

it is not the gentle stream,

nor is it the vibrant day,

that make me feel as in a dream..

it is neither the flower,

nor the bee,

nor is it

the season’s glee.

It is not the grave, no,

nor the ring,

not even the tender swing.

This part of me i owe to thee,

that would leave me begging on my knees,

why would i want to leave,

when you make heaven here for me, my friend.

I never dreamed

of such a day,

which would take you away,

why is it so,

that i can’t find a way,

where i need not leave you behind..

all i have to show,

are the remnants of a broken vow,

the storm in my mind, the sorrow,

that threatens never to go.

the way i had to bow,

when it was torn, my soul,

the way i had to go.

The way I’m being devoured, slow,

the pain, the source – the gaping hole,

Yes, that’s all that is left of me, a hole,

and my worn out soul.

And i need to let you know,

what now I’ve come to know,

how much you meant to me,

and how heaven was snatched away from me.

Licensed under CC according to my friend’s recommendation.


What I’ll be doing here is very simple.

I’ve been writing a little bit on my own judgment; and now I want to know how others judge me.

I’ll be posting my… Er… Poems… Maybe some prose… And some of my thoughts…

I’m yet to turn 18 (still five months away) , and that will, I expect, certainly show in what I write.

I don’t want to show myself as a big thing or anything (which I am not). I just want to improve.

I encourage reading, reviewing, and rating them, and thereby helping me to improve. I request people of all ages or fields to rate and comment and to point out my mistakes, and ways to improve.

I also encourage links to your works. Plus, if you think it fine, I would also like to feature your works here, with all credit to you.

As a starter, I’ll post one of my poems right now.